Why love if losing hurts so much?

We love to know that we are not alone.


hello peoples, i'm Vanessa(: Love all kind of sports and is very passionate about all the sports
I always believe that life is like a rainbow... only when u have gone through all the sufferings... you will then be able to enjoy the wat u really wants(:
So stop being down by all the set backs and treat it as a test that God would like u to overcome and face it will a smile(:
Always have faith in yourself and believe that u can do it(:



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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hello!!! haha(: yesterday went with mr yee and ms tham to the olympic walk!!!(: it was really fun!!! we went to talk the flag of yeman and waited for their representatives to come!!! haha(: when he came... we walk all the way to our tree which is like the other end of the side... sighh... haha(: so talk and walk with ms tham all the way there(: so cool!!! haha(: then went to unveil the the plague that ms siow drew!!! and it's so awesomeee and nice!!! haha(: then took pictures like siao with ms tham!!! haha(: and blazer is really hot... seriously... haha(: then went to hear the minister talk then can go home already!!! haha(: then on our way back i saw mrs lee!! omg!!! then i call her!!! she was like omg!!! vanessa!!! haha(: then she hug me!!! haha(: mrs lee is my primary sch's principal(: she i s very nice to everyone!!! not only me(: haha(: then she talk to me about track stuff and studies(: then she was like prefect arh... good job!! haha(: i was so happy to meet her again!!! because last year... she get transferred out of my pri sch to her previous sch... sighh... anyway... i had a fun day!!!(:

Friday, August 6, 2010

Woo-hoo~!!! feel so relax!!!(: haha(: finally able to let go of the competition(: E2/2 won!!! yay!!(: 5 to 1(: but E2/4 really played a good game...(: they passed to like almost everyone... making us unable to predict who they passing to... a very nice game(: and i like my twin!!! we are the best twin ever man!!! haha(: after that went for class outing(: eventhough got alot of things happen... but we still ate buffet(: at sunset way(: at yum yum thai i think... haha(: was super funny(: the boss super good(: and i realise that my class people can eat like siao!!! omg!! haha(: then went to orchard with alan junheng gerard and shaojie to cineleisure(: but they alight at different stop from me because i meeting my seniors at orchard(: when i reach there they also reach le loh... haha(: then we walked to cineleisure and saw idayu and her friends(: then went to arcade then waste abit of time then went to watch movie!!!! the movie is super nice(: and i was lucky that i sit at where i was sitting(: haha(: because is rated!!! haha(: not really lah... too kua zhang already... haha(: then went back... on the way home was very funny(: a lot of things happen... haha(: and my kor wasted time!!! haha(: next time cannot le hoh!!!!(: anyway... it was a fun and relax day for me!!!=)

Monday, August 2, 2010

Life these days... or maybe... the past few days have been hard... first was the interclass... then was the performance that is still in my mind and today... is wat that my teacher said... i've always been very devoted to watever my cca was and watever i do... but she said today that she plan to disband softball... because as some may know... i've changed coach... and he was disappointed in our attendence rate each training... she said that she know that some of us are very committed in it and always come for trainings and give it our best shot... but what is the point if even as few as 1 person doesn't come... wat's the use of the other 8 training... because this is a team game and a team it shall be... and since some of them or most of them are not coming down for training.... not devoted... wat's the use of it... so she said.. she is giving us 1 more month... 8 more trainings to show that we really care... is not... all this shall be a history... first team cca... is about to disband... i feel very pain in my heart... i dunno wat to do at all... i've been trying my best but nothing seems to work... not only this but other things... i seem to be the cause of all or at least i think i am... for everything... to things.. event or to peoples... i'm so osrry peoples.....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello!!!(: i came back from prefect's camp already!!! was fun(: sort of... except for sometimes... the prefect's will know wat happen.. haha(: lucky i got xinlei li jun peiwen esmeow and sherlyn they all... thanks all!!! i know some of them felt stress with us too....(: thanks so much for everything peoples!! love all of you!!(: especially xinlei!!! you are the best!!!!! woo-hoo~!!!(: hahaha(: everything was fun and really have a great time(: oulled the sec 1s girls to dance like siao because they all sitting down... haha(:

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

( my class!!! E2/2 rocks!!!)

hellos!!!! sch was super fun today!!!! due to racial harmony... we went to discovery centre(: my class is the best man!!! we laugh, eat, and even camwhore as a class!!! everyone was like taking pictures(: my my clique is the worst... except for wanling(: haha(: she camera shy today... haha(: and i was super blur!!! i brought my camera then suddenly cannot on... then i realise yeaterday night before i sleep i pluck my camera in to charge... butnever on the switch...-.- haha(: so only can us hp take pictures... so must of the pictures with nana and chelsea!!! haha(: took like super lots of pictures!!! and my class was super fun!!! haha(: E2/2 ROCKS!!! let's stay united for the last 3 months plus!!! i'm sure to miss every single one that make up this class!!!(:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Today is super happy!!! a very nice day!!!(: sch was okay... but after sch was super fun!!! haha(: went to see my juniors for prefects(: haha(: then went to change into my super bright orange softball shirt!!! then went to find ms tham and have tot dance the ysc dance for her to see because she want to improvise then can teach the whole sch for aces day!!! so cool!!!! but very stress... haha(: then went for training... because the lightning alert was on so they was at the netball court(: then i have to solo run 4 rounds... sad... then like super paiseh sia!!! then i ran like super fast but my coach was like run slower!!! then like almost the whole team like she cross country champion leh!!! then he repeated super loud then i more paiseh!!!! omg!!! then i saw li an then he was like jia you!!! then i want to laugh but have to conserve energy... super difficult sia... haha(: then we went to bat shuttlecock again... then finally the alert off!!!! then we went in the field to train!!! training was so fun!!! i played shot stop then played game!! fun like siao!!!(:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hello peoples!!!! the first week of sch just past... was sort of fun!!!(: had super lots of activities and was super busy... haha(: had my new softball team's shirt(: and we made our softball board!!! is super coulourful!!! love them so much!!!(: and we also change new coach... sad... but he quite nice(: just that like to lecture a lot... and everytime he talks i and my team mates will imagine my previous coach talking... very sad.... then very quiet... and also that our previous coach is closer to us... like our senior more than a coach... but the present coach makes me feel like he got a distance from us and really feels like a coach... sighh.... i really miss my coach!!!!):